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Page 24: October 10, 2016

My mom and I did our first reading today as “The Sacred Elm.” It was for my mom’s friend Krista. I was honestly so nervous. My mom has been doing this longer then I have so reading comes easier for her. I need to practice more and meditate more. I think I’m going to meditate every day. I want to practice more and more. I think I’m going to practice on pictures. I also bought a notebook so I can write down what I hear and I can organize what Spirit is telling me. I want to get so much better at explaining what spirit tells me. It’s hard because Spirit shows me symbols and pictures and I feel things that they felt when they were passing. Some people don’t understand how overwhelming it is to not only see Spirit but to feel everything they want you to feel. Their emotions, their pain and even their regret is hard to stand sometimes. It’s also really hard when you’re reading a skeptic. When someone is skeptical, they are not as open so reading their loved ones or their auras is difficult. They create this boundary around themselves that makes everything so muffled. It’s hard to explain. Reading is hard for me. My anxiety makes it so much worse because I worry about who is going to come through, is their reading going to be good enough got them? It’s hard. I’m really glad Krista had a good reading though. I’m excited for the two other winners to get their readings and I’m excited to see who else contacts The Sacred Elm to get a reading from us.

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