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Page 18: October 5, 2016

This is my crystal shelf. Yes, I know I need a bigger one. Everything on my shelf has been picked by me, given to me, or gifted to me. I bought the actual shelf at a thrift shop. It’s perfect except for the damaged part. I have three rosary’s that I have draped over my shelf. One of them I found in my Grandma Velia’s night stand after she passed away, another one was mine from when I had my communion and the last one was made by a woman at Alex’s church. I have 3 memorial cards on my shelf. One belonging to my Grandpa Pat, the other to my Grandma Velia and the last one from my Uncle Mike’s wake. I have two pictures on my shelf. I found them in my Grandma’s house. It’s pictures of my Grandparents standing in front of a big heart that says “I Love You.” (When I say my Grandparents I mean my ¬†Great-Grandparents.) I have a pin on my shelf, it’s a bird pin that my brother’s and I gave my Grandparents when we were younger. Finally, I have a statue on my shelf and it’s a statue of Mary that used to sit on my Grandma’s dresser. The rest of the things on my shelf are different crystals used for different things. This is my happy shelf.

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