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Page 17: October 4, 2016

4 Year anniversary since doing Project Unbreakable

“I’m not afraid anymore. You have no power over me.”

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years. It doesn’t feel like 4 years. I had to muster up all the courage and strength I had in order to finally face this. I kept it a secret for a really long time. The hardest part was to start the conversation that someone had hurt me. When I finally told someone it was like I could finally breathe again. Four years ago I faced my monster. I faced my fear. A lot of people reacted differently when I told them but in reality it didn’t matter. What mattered is that I came to terms with what happened to me. And how I was going to take the next steps to becoming okay again. I think the biggest thing that surprises everyone is when I tell them that I am okay. That just because this happened to me, it doesn’t make me a lesser person. It doesn’t knock me down. I stood up. I dusted myself off and I am stronger then I have ever been. I took the words that haunted me for years and I put them into the world. I’m not afraid anymore.

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