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Page 15: October 2, 2016

“The Aftermath”

Yesterday Alex, Chris, Ashley, and I decided to camp in the basement. We had so much fun but I have never felt this sick in my entire life. It was worth it though. I love them. When we are all together, we always have a great time. It’s never dull. There are never any awkward silences, there is no drama. It’s always so much fun. They’re my best friends. Last night was so much fun. We were drinking in the basement and we sat around playing King’s cup and just talking. It seems like every time we get drunk together, we order Domino’s pizza. After we ordered the pizza, I started to feel sick so they took me outside and of course I ran off by myself and hid behind a tree for what felt like an hour and they couldn’t find me. I eventually came out. Then we went inside ate pizza and passed out in the tent. I woke up at 3 am feeling like death and realizing it was like 600 degrees in the basement. being the “mom” of the group, I woke up my drunk friends, gave them water, and made them all go upstairs to cool bedrooms. I stayed up until 8:30 am watching endings to movies and watching this show called “Hellevator” on Netflix while Alex snored rather loudly. Chris came in at around 7:30 am and started talking to me. Then I passed out around 8:30 and missed pancakes. I woke up again at 12:30 and still felt like death so I rolled over and passed out again until 2 pm. Alex brought me soup, medicine, and pancakes. Literally this entire day I have felt like dying. I don’t want to get up or clean up or even functioning like  a normal human today. Rest in peace my stomach. I am sorry I drank tequila. I will never do that again, except for when I’m drinking margaritas. Sorry liver. Sorry stomach. I’m gonna die now.

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