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Page 5: September 21,2016

American Horror Story has been my favorite show since I first watched the first episode in my bed on Conestoga Trail and I binged watched the entire season.  When it first became a tradition for my family and I to watch it every Wednesday, it was and still my favorite family tradition. Our “Coven” means more to me the they will ever know and I cherish every Wednesday night we spend together. October is my favorite month. I wish every month was like October. The first drop of the autumn leaves, the snell of the air at night, apple picking, pumpkin picking,everything. It all makes me feel so happy inside. It’s like everything seems so perfect and beautiful in the fall. Everything feels so witchy and creepy. I wish it could feel like that forever. I think I feel the most normal in the fall. I think if I could pick one season I had to live in,it would be the fall. I could live without Christmas, New Years, my birthday. The fall is where everything is creepy. Mysterious. Everything is dying and in the next year it will be reborn. How crazy is that? The fall starts the process of dying and being reborn.

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