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Page 3: September 19,2016

Bucket List Part One

  • Visit Salem Massachusetts
  •  Stay in Overwater Bungalow
  •  Go to Paris
  •  Grow old with the love of my life
  • Go on a road trip around the U.S.A
  • Camp on the beach
  • Go to a masquerade ball
  • Take a picture with every state sign in America
  • Buy my first home
  • Adopt a cat
  • Take the Hocus Pocus Tour
  • Be in two places at once
  • See the northern lights
  • Get married
  • Visit Amsterdam
  • Receive a love letter
  • Be a mother
  • Paint with bubbles
  • Move to Oregon
  • Spend a night in a tree house
  • Watch a meteor shower

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